And another…

Posted: December 8, 2006 in Uncategorized

Been spending my time sorting out various enquiries from sales agents and distribution companies. Hit a bit of a bummer earlier in the week with the news that my ‘ideal option’ isn’t dealing in horror any more. This is not only a pity from a KK angle, but also as a customer; they did some of the best horror releases out there. Won’t name the company as they don’t seem to have made the change of direction public yet.

Watched the current assembly of Hellbride straight through again this morning, and it needs… Goddammit, I’m not entirely sure what it needs. It’s got a whole bunch of brilliant stuff but doesn’t quite seem to be heading the way I want it to as a whole. I’ve been very eager for it to be done and dusted by January so that it stands a chance of getting premiered at a certain festival, but I think hand-on-heart that we’re probably going to miss that date because I want to get the sucker perfect. I’m still scratching my head about it, to be honest…

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