TrashHouse is the original cult classic from Jinx Media. Possibly the only Midnight Movie of the 00s to be filmed in a big shed in Shoeburyness, TrashHouse brings you monsters, zombies, sub-machine guns, killer clowns and monologues about dolphins. It’s unlike anything else you’ve seen.

Trashhouse has Boobs, Blood, Belly Laughs and a Big-Ass Chainsaw. What more does the discerning horror fan need? – HorrorTalk

Click the cover to buy the DVD at Amazon!

Back when TrashHouse was in production, we allowed filmmaker Mike Borland unlimited access to the set to make a warts and all documentary. An edited version of this documentary is on the DVD. The uncensored version can be seen, for the first time, below.



  1. […] 2003, Pat set up Jinx Media Ltd and directed his first film, TrashHouse. It was released on DVD in February […]

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