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The Devil's Music

The Devil’s Music (2007) was our acclaimed horror mockumentary. It won Best Independent Feature at the Festival of Fantastic Films and was variously described as “absolutely terrific” (genre critic MJ Simpson), “very funny, with a smart and unpredictable story” (Total Film) and “well worth seeking out” (EMPIRE)

The US DVD release was packed with bonus features but has, sadly, long since been deleted. It’s sometimes possible to pick up copies on Ebay, and the film is sometimes available on rent or buy on Amazon Prime (depending on region).

Hellbride [DVD] [2008]

Hellbride (2006) was our horror-themed romantic comedy. It was distributed quite widely in the UK and the US (particularly around Halloween, when HMV would often stack the cheap DVDs pretty deep!)

The film tells the story of Lee Parker and Nicole Meadows, who are are all set to be married. There are, however, one or two problems on the horizon. Nicole’s engagement ring is cursed; once the property of a wronged bride who went on a killing spree, the ring has a history of bringing death and destruction to all who come in contact with it.

Hellbride is currently deleted.

Trashhouse [DVD]

TrashHouse (2004) was our first film.

A midnight movie from back when indie horror was incredibly scarce (we were one of less than 20 UK horrors shot that year), we secured wide distribution on DVD across the UK and ended up stocked in every branch of Blockbuster in the country (alongside movies with many thousand times our budget).

Empire said we had ‘clever ideas but dodgy tech credits’ and we were overjoyed to be featured in the first place. An absolutely insane amount of torrenting led to the US release being cancelled by the distributor.

TrashHouse is currently deleted on all formats.

In the middle of nowhere, there lies a secure facility housing only serial killers. One morning the doors are open and the guards have vanished, but a strange freezing mist surrounds the building, preventing the inmates from leaving. Then, one by one, they are murdered. The survivors bicker, fight and blame each other, but the thing that’s killing them looks suspiciously like a  traditional ‘victim’… A babysitter in a shower, a cheerleader, a camper…

KillerKiller (2006) was our stab (!) at subverting the tropes of slasher movies. The film got a cinema release in UCI cinemas in Germany, and was released widely on DVD in countless countries… EXCEPT in the UK, where it was never released on physical media. It can sometimes be found in a ‘director’s cut’ format on Amazon Prime (depending on your region)

The House on the Witchpit (2015-2021) is an experimental horror feature film defined by the absence of a ‘final cut’. The initial version of the film was premiered to the public at the Horror-on-Sea festival in 2016, and after the screening the only two copies of the film were (genuinely) destroyed on stage. A ‘second phase’ version of the film was made available as a digital rental via Amazon for one night only in 2017; a substantially different movie, based around a mock-documentary format. This, too, was deleted after the online screening.

Further material, apparently destined for one last version of the movie, was shot in 2019 but has yet to be released to the public. You can read more about our thinking behind this movie over at Huffington Post.

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