Hellbride: The Ring of Josephine Stewart – SoundCloud

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Uncategorized

Our audio-only epilogue to Hellbride has been unavailable online for a couple of years now. It features Cy Henty reprising his role as Sinclair, along with chills, spills and a really long and uncomfortably dark masturbation joke.

And it’s BACK, so check it out below! It works a lot better if you’ve seen Hellbride. So, if you haven’t seen it – go and rent or buy it, then pop back to check out the epilogue!


  1. […] about the sequel rather differently. This was partly due to the one-off audio epilogue called The Ring of Josephine Stewart  that we’d recorded with Cy Henty a couple of years previously. I started thinking about a […]

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