Paranormal Activity: You Do The Math

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, is it a good thing or a bad thing for those of us on the tiny-budget side of the Hollywood wall that Paranormal Activity just took the number one box office slot in the US, beating the likes of Saw VI? Given that PA allegedly cost $15,000, mightn’t this reignite interest in micro-budget movies that have more to offer in the way of plot, scares and so on than their big-budget counterparts?

Haven’t got a clue. My gut tells me that various executives will be scrabbling around looking for other movies to pick up that are exactly like PA. My gut feeling expands on this notion to suggest that, once there are no more micro-budget flicks to pick up that are exactly like PA, they’ll pick up a bunch of other stuff and simply market it to look exactly like PA. Then they’ll note that the numbers are dropping, conclude that people aren’t interested in micro-budget chillers any more, shrug their shoulders and go off and make Saw VII.

The great, grand point of course is that the public didn’t flock to PA because it was cheap. They went despite the fact it was cheap. Because it appeared to offer something a bit new. Something a bit different. Something that hadn’t been focus-grouped.

I haven’t actually seen Paranormal Activity at this point, I hasten to add. I hate making sweeping statements in a blog and then later finding out that I hate the movie in question. I’m assuming I’ll like this one. It looks stripped down, lean, scary.. Everything that I very much doubt that Saw VI will be (wouldn’t know.. I gave up at IV, which I think showed remarkable staying power all things considered).

Oh, and before I forget, everyone in the UK should point their browsers towards next Friday. Hopefully, you all know why.

Rock on,

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