KillerKiller on Amazon

Posted: June 28, 2007 in Uncategorized

Just a quickie, (running about like crazy today), to let you guys know that KillerKiller has appeared for pre-order on if you fancy getting your order in early. It’s the US version, (thus Region 1), but it might be a little wait for the R2 and surely everyone’s multi-region nowadays, aren’t they? August 7th is the street date.

We’ve also just got our first images from pre-production for the Secret Project in. I’m dying to show you, but I can’t.

Rock on,

  1. Any word on the special features on this DVD? I’m giving it a mention on the website I write for and my reader would like to know if there any extras. Thanks.

  2. Pat Higgins says:

    Still haven’t seen the final version, (and presumably won’t do so until it’s out on the shelves, now). There are some short documentaries and so on that York do have the rights to distribute, but I’m beginning to suspect that the disc may well be vanilla. Ah, well. The film’s bloody great, and we’ll just upload stuff to YouTube if it doesn’t show up on the DVD. Like we’ve already done at in fact. Cheers for the interest!

  3. Thanks for the quick response. Here’s this week’s DVD Release Report with the mention: recommending buying the DVD.

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