Good couple of weeks

Posted: October 23, 2006 in Uncategorized

Things have been great, and the lack of updates has been due to… (Drumroll) Me forgetting my Blogger password. And username. I am an idiot.

OK, first things first. The first public screening of KillerKiller is happening on Saturday 18th November at the HorrorFest festival in Portsmouth. The cost of a ticket? Simply a donation to Children In Need. More info is appearing slowly but surely at

Other great and groovy stuff; the final sound mix is approaching. The extraordinarily talented Phil Sheldon has been putting together some score elements to compliment the lush soundscapes that we already have in the flick, and we’re very much hoping to be able to use a song by the wonderful and mighty Jim Bob, (, over the end credits.

We’re also hoping to have an industry screening in London for reviewers/potential distributors, so folks fitting that general description can feel free to drop a line to for more information.

Had an interview with a rather large and long-running magazine last week, (which I won’t name just on the offchance they don’t run the article!), which was good fun.

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