And that’s a wrap.

Posted: July 14, 2006 in Uncategorized

Hard to believe, but HB just wrapped principal photography. We cracked open the bubbly, and my beloved cast and crew showered me in fake blood, bless ’em.

Other than yesterday, that was a fantastic shoot. Fun, upbeat, fast and with a positive vibe. I reckon the film is going to be pretty fucking spot-on for anyone who enjoyed TrashHouse at all. And possibly even for a few folks who didn’t.

One week until KillerKiller. No rest for the bloody wicked.

  1. crazyhorsefc says:

    Hurrah! Congrats, Pat!

  2. James Fisher says:

    …I always know when I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a shoot because I get rather depressed come the end – it doesn’t happen often, but I’m pretty damn sick right now, you guys were awesome to work with and I truly hope we can all work together again soon… here’s to a successful flick! -james

  3. Got to agree with James – was a tad sad when it all ended as we had so much fun… Big thanks to Pat and the rest of the great cast and crew for what will surely be a fantastic film. Look forward to seeing everyone again at the HH & KK wrap party!

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