One more batch of auditions…

Posted: May 4, 2006 in Uncategorized

…and we’re done. Couldn’t drag it out any longer than that even if I wanted to; we’ve got costumes that need to be made, and to get made they need measurements, and to get measurements we need to know who’ll be wearing the costumes. So I need to quit stalling and make a couple more final decisions.

Our designer Lisa sent me through the wardrobe breakdown yesterday. Lot of outfits to source, (although I’ve already got several dozen to sort through, also courtesy of Lisa). We’ll get there, but as I mentioned in the first bit, measurements would probably help!

The screenplays are officially locked, and some have been sent out to cast members, (if any cast members are reading this and haven’t got them yet, they’ll be there soon!). The screenplays being locked means that now every time I drastically change something I have to apologise to a whole load of people. Doesn’t stop me doing it, of course. Just makes me apologise.

It’s my wife’s birthday today, which means we’ll go out for a nice meal this evening and I can finally stop thinking about these movies for a few hours…

  1. Marysia Kay says:

    Hi there. I just replied to your casting calls on ukscreen, don’t normally check that site but Eleanor James said you guys were still looking for a couple of cast members. Not too late am I?

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