DVD Release / HellBride Art

Posted: October 4, 2005 in Uncategorized

After speaking at length to the fine folks at Screen Entertainment, it’s looking rather like TrashHouse will be hitting the DVD shelves in early January 2006. We’re working out which extras and bits and bobs we’ll be able to cram onto the disc, but hopefully you’ll all enjoy the package.

I’ve recently been in touch with a fantastic artist called Marc Crane, who has a website at http://www.marcsbrain.com with plenty of superb examples of his work. He’s kindly agreed to produce some artwork for the upcoming flicks, and I’m pleased to give you a sneak glimpse of the first of these to be produced. It’s concept art from HellBride, and it can be found here;


Personally, I think it’s absolutely beautiful. In a dark, messed up kind of way, naturally…

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