Posted: September 22, 2005 in Uncategorized

TrashHouse has won two awards from the TromaFling festival, which is rather fine and funky. We’ve been given the Best Screenplay award, and a runner-up award for Best UK Feature. It was a very nice surprise. Reckon if they’d had an extra award for Best Drunken Babbling by a Director we’d have had that one in the bag, too.

Been a publicity-orientated couple of days. A photoshoot for the local paper resulted in a somewhat vampiric shot that you can find at;
Those with a keen eye for detail will notice that the clapperboard is broken. It not only has no clapper, but there’s splintered, broken wood where the clapper used to be. And it’s not a real clapperboard. I think my Dad bought it for me in the souvenir shop at the late, lamented Museum Of the Moving Image in the 80s sometime. I am also wearing a TrashHouse t-shirt, which now means that everyone wants one 🙂

There was also another story about the DVD deal over at Chortle, a comedy website that I hang around on the forums quite a bit. That’s over here;

Rewriting the beginning of KillerKiller to beef it up a bit… It felt somewhat lacklustre. I’ve increased the number of cast, (and, thus, the inevitable bodycount). Still can’t set a shoot date, though…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Look, I promised I’d wash the brains out of it *then* return it, okay?

  2. Pat Higgins says:

    No more t-shirts! I have none left! Back! Back, I say!

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