The heroine of TrashHouse returns for the first time in a decade in this insane short, completely filmed in a mere ten hours by an incredibly dedicated cast and crew!


The second episode of our awesome audio horror story Puncture Wounds is available NOW… So click the link below and sink back into Warren’s twisted world.
Jinx Horror Presents

Josephine Stewart chews her finger off...

Josephine Stewart chews her finger off…

Over on Jinx Horror, our very latest podcast has just dropped. Carrying on directly from the horrifying events of Hellbride, the new tale is called The Ring of Josephine Stewart. It contains mature themes and some potentially offensive content.

We hope you enjoy it.

The first episode of our ongoing audio horror story PUNCTURE WOUNDS is available online NOW.

Performed by the amazing Cy Henty and written by Pat Higgins, it’s the beginning of a dark, unexpected journey.

What are you waiting for? Click the graphic!



The long-awaited UK release of the Director’s Cut of The Devil’s Music is almost upon us.

The good folk at Cine du Monde will be unleashing this fantastic disc over the summer (exact date to follow shortly!) and we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the wait. It’s an award-winning, critically acclaimed rock and roll nightmare.

Click the new artwork below for further details.

The Devil's Music

“Jinx Horror Presents…”

Posted: May 14, 2014 in Podcasts

Jinx Media is proud to announce the next stage in our evolution – the introduction of the ‘Jinx Horror’ branding, and a range of narrative podcasts that will thrill, chill, delight and shock.

The first of these podcasts will be “Jinx Horror presents: The Ring of Josephine Stewart” – an all new tale set in the world of Hellbride and narrated by Cy Henty, returning to the character of Sinclair for the first time since 2006. Later podcasts in the series include “Jinx Horror presents: Interview with a Webcam Girl”, which takes us back to the horrifying events of the final chapter of Bordello Death Tales and six other stories in the first season.

But that, my friends, is not all! Alongside the stand-alone Jinx Horror podcasts will be an ongoing audio serial – “Jinx Horror presents: Puncture Wounds”. The first episode of this horror-comedy will premiere online in June.

All this stuff is free. Because we think you’re awesome.

Elsewhere in the world of Jinx, we’ve got Pat Higgins’ 2014 live show “Fake Blood, Real Guts” going up online as soon as we’ve finished editing the thing.

We’re also branching out the main Jinx Media brand to incorporate business-to-business marketing and video services – more on that soon!

Exciting times ahead, folks.


Pat Higgins’ live show from the 2013 Horror-on-Sea festival is still FREE to watch online for a limited time only. This hour long, NSFW special features clips, tricks, advice and guidance for how YOU can make your own micro-budget horror classic. Empire called Pat the ‘Essex Auteur’, Fangoria called him one of the ‘most promising British horror directors’ and Total Film simply called him a ‘funny guy’. The director of four internationally released feature films and the creator of Strippers vs Werewolves, there’s loads of useful stuff here. Just don’t ask about his attic…