Jinx company director Pat Higgins has written about recent changes to the BBFC processes over at Huffington Post.

These changes have already endangered two Jinx releases set for later this year (The UK special edition releases of KillerKiller and The Devil’s Music, both of which were due for release via Cine du Monde)

Please let the BBFC know what you think about these changes, which are likely to affect untold niche and independent releases and hasten the demise of physical release formats for all but the big distributors.

Thank you.

Pat Higgins’ live show from the 2013 Horror-on-Sea festival is still FREE to watch online for a limited time only. This hour long, NSFW special features clips, tricks, advice and guidance for how YOU can make your own micro-budget horror classic. Empire called Pat the ‘Essex Auteur’, Fangoria called him one of the ‘most promising British horror directors’ and Total Film simply called him a ‘funny guy’. The director of four internationally released feature films and the creator of Strippers vs Werewolves, there’s loads of useful stuff here. Just don’t ask about his attic…

Winner of Best Independent Feature at the 2008 Festival of Fantastic Film, The Devil’s Music is Jinx Media’s most notorious and critically acclaimed feature to date. This is a voyage into the dark side of rock n roll unlike anything you’ve seen before.

And, for one week only, you can watch this unique film totally FREE.

“Absolutely terrific.. The best film I’ve seen so far this year” - MJ Simpson, Leading UK Genre Critic

“Blew all of my expectations out of the water. THE DEVIL’S MUSIC will blow you away”Slashers, Starlets and Sleaze

“A genre mash-up, it’s frequently very funny with a smart and unpredictable story” -Total Film

“Brilliant! Highly recommended on all counts, a gem to be experienced” -HorrorNews.Net

“I was hooked all the way through..A wickedly thrilling treat!” -Fatally-Yours.Com

“Surely, it’s one of the finest indies of 2008… Higgins has a near masterpiece on his hands.” -Cinema-Crazed.com

“A master class in engrossing story telling.. keeps the viewer not just engaged, but completely riveted” -HorrorTalk.com

“The right mix of suspense and horror… Compelling” -Best-Horror-Movies.Com

“A growing sense of dread… Builds steadily to a refreshingly eerie climax” - SexGoreMutants

“Psychological horror at its best” -Horrorview.com

“It’s a brilliant premise, drawing on great traditions within the genre and without. Think of it as a kind of breathless VH1 marriage of “This is Spinal Tap” and “The Omen”.” -Cinescare.com

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The Devils Music (2007, Pat Higgins) – FULL MOVIE! from jinxmedia on Vimeo.

It’s the tenth anniversary of the shoot for Jinx Media’s first movie TrashHouse, and to celebrate you can watch it for free online for one week only. Wonky sets, bags of enthusiasm, guns, monsters and chainsaws. Somebody doesn’t love Lucy.

Note: TrashHouse was rated 15 by the BBFC for strong violence, drug references, sex references. The trailer got an 18. Go figure.

10 years. Jesus Christ.


TrashHouse (2004, Pat Higgins) – FULL MOVIE! from jinxmedia on Vimeo.

Horror-On-Sea Tickets!

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Horror on Sea Tickets

Horror on Sea Tickets

Attention fans of the macabre and the horrific! Southend’s very own Horror-on-Sea Film Festival returns this year, bringing chaos and disorder to the big screen at the Park Inn Palace Hotel. Whether it’s nerve-shredding blood and gore, monsters on the loose or something eerie and creepy that you crave, Horror-on-Sea is the place to be!
There are 18 films, with supporting shorts, over the three days of mayhem. Excellent value Day Passes will save you money, but the ‘Big News’ is the Weekend Passes, which will save you a massive £40 off the total ticket price. These are on sale now. But hurry: there are only 100 available!
The full programme (including Pat Higgins’ Masterclass) and ticket details can be found at http://www.horror-on-sea.com/
Look if you dare, and we’ll see you in January!

Fake Blood, Real Guts!

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Hey folks

Sorry for the extended period of radio silence since our movie The Devil’s Music hit VOD (if you haven’t seen it yet, what the hell are you waiting for? Check it out RIGHT HERE). We’ve been plotting and scheming our next wave of cool stuff for you all. Still, if you’re suffering withdrawal from my ramblings about various stuff besides horror, you can check out my articles for Huffington Post.

A couple of announcements, both relating to the Horror-on-Sea festival in my hometown of Southend-on-Sea in January. First of all, this will be the venue for the first performance of my 2014 live show/masterclass/thing where I talk about making horror movies, which is called Fake Blood, Real Guts! It’s at 3pm on Saturday 18th January.

Fake Blood, Real Guts

Elsewhere on the packed festival programme, you can catch the first ever screening of the Special Edition of KillerKiller, our twist on the slasher movie. The movie has been long unavailable in the UK for long and boring reasons, and this will be the first festival screening of the flick since 2007. It’s also the VERY FIRST SCREENING ANYWHERE of the new version, with dozens of little alterations along the way. That’s happening on the Sunday.

KillerKiller Special Edition

It’s going to be a brilliant festival, and I really hope to meet you there.

Incidentally, if you didn’t see LAST year’s live show, you can still check it out for free (although it probably won’t be free forever) by checking out the player at the foot of this post.

Rock on,



The Devil’s Music

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Our most notorious movie has resurfaced.


The horror experience described as ‘Magnificent’ in MJ Simpson’s book Urban Terrors and ‘Well worth seeking out’ by Empire magazine can now be seen rented our bought instantly, wherever you are in the world, by clicking on the image above.

Plus, if you set up a referral account with Distrify, you can make money from every referral if you embed the player on your Facebook page or site.

What are you waiting for?