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We’ve been looking at testing out live streaming for years, actually. One of our most treasured schemes way back in the day would have involved live streaming the entirety of principal photography for one of our movies, with four cameras set up in different areas that you could skip between. Always thought that would be fascinating. That was in 2009 or so, when the technology was in its infancy; the idea presented massive of technical challenges, but we were paired up with another brilliant company who had the tech and needed to test it. Unfortunately, that other company folded and the idea fell apart.

Nowadays, of course, live streaming is much less of a novelty and also presents much less of a technical challenge. So, with that in mind, our first tiny toe-dip into the live streaming waters will take place next Tuesday (6th Feb 2018) at 2.30pm GMT. It will consist of me (Pat) answering any questions that people can chuck at me about horror, screenwriting, filmmaking or the live shows. Or, alternatively, if not a single human being connects to the feed it will consist of me rapping in a Batman costume. Either way, expect loads of technical glitches and nothing slick whatsoever. It’s a bloody test.

Anyway, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. I’ll be here, anyway. Be lovely if you felt like joining me.

EDIT: Well, there were some technical issues which led to a jump to Facebook, but it happened anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday 18 July 1pm – 4pm

A three-hour master class, where the audience will hear new filmmakers talk about how they make their films, followed by a discussion with those who have made a career in the Film industry.

The event will start with a screening of selected short films from the Southend-on-Sea Film Festivalโ€™s short film competition:

Southend-on-Sea Film Festival Ident โ€“ Aaron Foster
Dream Builders โ€“ Focal Point Gallery
Spirit of Carnival โ€“ Chantelle and Shelby Ryan
No Strings Attached โ€“ Amanda Dube
Serendipity โ€“ Rob Shaw
Loss โ€“ John Ford-Crush
Ghosts โ€“ Luke Stazaker
The Confessions of…. โ€“ Kyle Springford
The Lonely One โ€“ Richard Laverick
Queensway โ€“ Gary Leon Bowyer

Running time: 53 minutes

Meet the Filmmakers: Some of the filmmakers of the previously screened short films will be invited on stage to discuss their work and talk about their future plans.

Meet the Professionals: Local professionals from the Film industry:
John Attwell – (
and Pat Higgins (
will join Paul Cotgrove on stage to discuss their careers and to offer advice on how to make the move from being an amateur to a professional in the Film industry.

Solomon Monkโ€™s Pump House, Chalkwell Park, Chalkwell Avenue