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In the middle of nowhere, there lies a secure facility housing only serial killers. One morning the doors are open and the guards have vanished, but a strange freezing mist surrounds the building, preventing the inmates from leaving. Then, one by one, they are murdered. The survivors bicker, fight and blame each other, but the thing that’s killing them looks suspiciously like a  traditional ‘victim’… A babysitter in a shower, a cheerleader, a camper…

KillerKiller is great… A belter.”– MJ Simpson

“…Straight down the line terror. The amusing moments come at exactly the right time… they provide just the right release, like exhaling after holding your breath for a while.”

“This first scene alone grabs you by the titties and doesn’t let go… Fresh and original… The tension is so prevalent throughout the film that by the end my fists were clenched with my fingernails embedded into my palms.”
– Fatally-Yours.Com

“The setup promises a great deal, and delivers.. There is humor aplenty of the blackest kind.. Fans of the red splattered stuff will not be disappointed here”
– Cinescare.Com

“…makes incredible use of an obviously low budget. The actors are strong, the dialogue is excellent… the gore fits just perfectly… I have no doubt that given a lump of cash Higgins is capable of giving the world a lasting horror classic.”

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